social responsibility
social responsibility

Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) established in 2014. With the mission statement of “Harness the Market to Bring Social Caring”, SERA aims to promote a sustainable development in Asian communities. SERA values social responsibility as a common value and brings together sustainability elites from business, academia, social and political sectors to establish a cross-industry “Talent Tank” to promote social responsibility and exert positive social influence from top to bottom.

We bring together business leaders and organizations with a strong sense of social responsibility to conduct joint research on social issues, based on the Social Caring Pledge Framework and the six guiding principles.

Fellowship Qualification Assessment Scheme

Social Caring Pledge Award Scheme

Circular Scheme

ESG Course

Our Global Connections


  1. To promote awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in all aspects of society.
  2. To propose and establish standards for Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) management which will enhance the awareness and professional standards of management, and promote sustainable development from the top down.
  3. To broaden the international perspectives of the industry and young leaders, and to give back to society through meaningful social projects that address pressing issues in Asian communities.


  1. Identify socially impactful leaders and organizations by “Fellowship Qualification Assessment Scheme“, ”Social Caring Pledge Award“ and “ESG Circular Scheme”
  2. Establish SERA Circle, a cross-industry community that fosters social responsibility.
  3. Host international summits, webinars, and gatherings to facilitate knowledge exchange across industries.
  4. Offer consultation matching to encourage collaboration and continuous learning on social projects.
  5. Enhance awareness and professional standards in ESG through media and social platforms.



The SCP Framework is a proprietary model developed through years of research and real-life input from social caring leaders and leading organizations. At the heart of this framework is the development of purpose and vision for organizations, supported by agile and responsible leadership at all 4 sectors – Business, Academic, Political and Social, based on the 6 social caring pledge principles, resulting in the creation of shared value among stakeholders and delivery of consistent impact on environmental, social and corporate governance.



Environmental Protection


No Forced Labour

Community​ Involvement


Safety and Quality

scp framework






As the predominant strategic framework defining social caring leaders and organizations, the SCP Framework is a proven model for measuring the coherence of the leaders and organizations’ vision and purpose against the 3 impacts and readiness for current and future challenges.

SERA also supports UN Global Compact. This organization is committed to mobilize the businesses and stakeholders to jointly create and achieve a sustainable world.

SERA is honored to invite Mr. Gustavo Berlanga, the Former Chairman of UN Global Compact (Mexico) to be the Guest of Honor of our Social Caring Award Presentation Ceremony.  He is also served as our Honorary Chairman, working with SERA to promote the significance of sustainable development for business and society.

Mr. Gustavo Berlanga

Former Chairman of UN Global Compact (Mexico)
Honorary Chairman of SERA

Supporting Organizations of Previous Events


Mr. Gustavo Berlanga

Honorary Chairman

“We, the SERA are here in the midst of business evolution, serving as a liaison for making things happen, building trust with potential partners who decide to shoulder social responsibility with us, and maneuvering visions of a better world with our most sincere effort.”

Dr. Charles Mossop

Honorary President
(International Board)

“It is my greatest honor to serve as the Honorary President of Social Enterprise Research Academy. I am grateful to be part of this exceptional movement of developing a culture of social care and promoting the importance of social enterprises and corporate social responsibility in Hong Kong and Asia.”


Dr. Wong Kwok Keung

Honorary President
(Asia Board)

“Whatever you take from the society, use them for the society.” This is the common philosophy of myself and SERA. Giving back to society is the mission of business operators. I hope that fellows can work together with us to promote social caring and fulfill corporate social responsibility. This is beneficial to your business and the harmonious development of the society."


Prof. Eddie Ng GBS,JP

Honorary Chancellor

“As a part of the society, we should make good use of various communication platforms to promote social caring, harness the market to alleviate social problem, and improve the society’s development. I hope that the fellows and SERA can work together to further promote the spirit of social caring.”

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