We are excited to announce that SERA has entered into a strategic alliance agreement with Social Seed, a nonprofit social enterprise in Hong Kong that helps students with STEM. Their objective is to promote STEM education to the needy and cultivate children’s morals and fitness. 


They recently launched a STEM + Taekwondo Project to connect better with the community and strengthen physical fitness among students.

They provide professional Taekwondo training for children and bring physical activities to families and children with special learning needs. 


The project objective is to cultivate children with the spirit of Taekwondo martial arts training and inheritance to enhance their morals and fitness level.

Here Today, we appeal to every one of you to support this meaningful project. You can donate through our WhatsApp 9406 9969 or email to [email protected]


More details please refer to the  pdf: 
「STEM」Social Seed x SERA

Taekwondo- SERA x Social Seed 


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