Ampla Education

Ampla is an education services provider based in Hong Kong, with tutors experienced in local and overseas education systems. Specialising in school admissions and after-school tutorial services, we help students achieve their goals by delivering high quality teaching, for which we are honoured to have received the 2017 Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Services Award.

Our courses are designed and delivered by our consultants, all of whom are graduates of top schools and universities. We allow Ampla to stand out by catering to the individual needs of each student and providing top notch one-stop services which are customised and all-inclusive. Our tutors』 expert knowledge in Hong Kong and overseas school curricula enables us to combine the best teaching methods and tailor-make engaging classes specific to students』 needs and optimise their performance inside and outside school.

Ampla Education was first set up when our founder noticed that many Hong Kong students had great academic potential but lacked the opportunity to fully appreciate their skills. In order to provide such an opportunity, our team hand-picked a line-up of consultants and tutors, experienced in their academic area and with backgrounds in guidance and mentoring, in the hopes of allowing more students to have the chance to amplify their potential and pursue their dreams!

To support the dire needs of under-privileged children from around the world, we partake in children sponsorship programmes, both locally with Po Leung Kuk and globally with Plan International, providing the resources they need for a sustainable living environment. We hope our sponsored children can benefit from the improved learning opportunities and have a chance to transform their lives.

We believe that knowledge is power and education is one of the most effective ways to solve the root causes of poverty. Children and teenagers who successfully realise their potential will firmly establish the knowledge upon which they will live the rest of their lives. To help disadvantaged families achieve sustainable and long-term improvement in their children’s education, we offer our services to those in need in the community. Hence, we support World Vision’s Early Childhood Development projects, which expose young children to basic literacy and numeracy skills, thus stimulating their development and enhancing their performance when they enter school. In addition, we partner with local charities to empower under-resourced students to accomplish their goals by playing an active role in their developmental process in the form of mentorship, interview skills workshops, and university application guidance. Equipped with the skills needed to make a competitive application, we ensure that under-resourced students will be on an equal footing with more financially capable students when it comes to school and university applications.

At Ampla, every student is given the opportunity to flourish and unleash their potential. We hope to create a harmonious society in which disadvantaged children will be able to do the same.