thyssenkrupp Elevator (HK) Limited

As the wholly owned subsidiary of the German based thyssenkrupp AG, thyssenkrupp Elevator (HK) Limited maintains and commits sustainable practices for the benefits of the community as the basis of our philosophy. For us that means achieving a balance between human and environmental needs on the one hand and business interest on the other.

thyssenkrupp Elevator is committed to developing and implementing sustainable efficiency solutions for the entire lifecycle of its products and processes worldwide. That means identifying and addressing key social and environmental opportunities to make a positive contribution to the well being of the planet. Our aim is to create long term value and sustainable efficiency as a way of life for generations to come.

thyssenkrupp Elevator is doing a great deal to protect the environment, using resources efficiently and behaving as a good corporate citizen. Our products help save energy, reduce emissions and create eco-friendly buildings. Our production sites worldwide comply with the latest international environmental standards. And with 『sustainable efficiency』 we have initiated a program that embraces the entire company – every product, every process, every employee. The aim is to focus our strengths and make effective use of our know-how – for the environment, for people, for the future.

We commit to keep people moving safely. Our objective is to not simply avoid accidents but instead prevent them. Safety first is not just a slogan. We put occupational health and safety as one of our top priorities. We are striving for continuous improvement in safety performance and involving our self in health and safety activities such as jobsite inspection results, reviews and safety meetings with employees as well as with contractors, sub-contractors and third parties to achieve the same health and safety standards as per our policy. Our goal is that everyone returns home safely each day.

We have a vested interest in the welfare of all of our employees, which is why we place great emphasis on employee development. This means training people in teams, on and off the job, as well as educating employees on subjects beyond their own department. To do this, we have the very latest training facilities for holding workshops, seminars, and networking events.

In addition to enforce our commitment on delivering safe, environmentally friendly and high quality solutions for the benefits of the community, thyssenkrupp Elevator (HK) Limited takes the initiative to develop our young generation. Besides recruiting young engineers, management and technical trainees, we offer and conduct internship program to schools and universities so our youngsters can have a good knowledge and experience of how a commercial organisation operates. We are member of the Lighthouse Club that provide charitable assistance to those in need owing to accident in the construction industry and to their dependents. We also sponsor industry related institutes such as Society of Operations Engineers, Asian Institute of Intelligent Buildings, Asia Pacific Intelligent Green Building Alliance, Lift and Escalator Contractors Association and The Hong Kong Federation of Electrical and Mechanical Contractors Limited to promote industrial knowledge and practices.