Island South Property Management Limited 南盈物業管理有限公司

About Island South Property Management Limited

Established in 2003, Island South Property Management Limited (「ISPML」) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Century Premium Developments Limit. (「PCPD」) specializing in residential property management services. PCPD is principally engaged in the development and management of premium property and infrastructure projects. as well as investment in premium-grade buildings in the Asia-Pacific region.

The ISPML team comprises around 300 experienced. customer-oriented and committed staff, providing an around-the-clock intensive management service to safeguard the best interests of clients at the managed properties. Over the years. ISPML has fostered a mutually respected working relationship with clients. and shared a mission to maintain the prestigious brand image that enhances value of the properties. The No-Compromise in service quality of security. cleaning, maintenance, dining services plus high-end lifestyle themed clubhouse facilities and services has set a new standard for the luxury residential accommodation sector.

ISPML aims to become the preferred employer for outstanding performers in the industry.

ISPML’s mission is to provide “Premium Management for Quality Living” to our customers. To achieve this ultimate goal. we adopt the core values of “Integrity」, 「Commitment to the environment’, 「Focusing on employees」 and 「Developing talents for the industry. In this regard, we take practical approaches to communicating our values to our staff, so they can be comprehensively realized.

ISPMI’s management philosophy is more sophisticated than is typical for the property management industry which is perhaps stereotyped to security management and daily upkeep or facilities, and implies little enhancement or progress. Bel-Air. as ISPML’s prime managed property, is a place of insight.

Management of Del-Air does not rest on the laurels of its world-class building design abd facilities. For our customers, ISPML is determined to provide a holistic “Lifestyle Experience”, supported by premium-quality service and critically, including the promotion of environmental awareness throughout the neighborhood. For employees, ISPML offers the best career planning, which not only aims for the company’s operational effiency but stretches to lead the trends in the management services industry, with the ultimate goal of nurturing the best talents for the property management sector in Hong Kong.

Our vision and mission are integral to the company’s goals, and communicated to the employees through all possible channels.

ISPML emphasizes succession planning, by developing employees』 fullest potential.

For sustainability, ISPML establishes partnerships with other green organizations, to promote awareness among customers and uphold our corporate social responsibility.

ISPML operates in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification. Staff training courses and workshops including work safety, servicing, operation procedures, and complaint handling are scheduled in the year-plan and conducted regularly.

Cross-departmental cooperation is encouraged by setting up working committees with representatives of all departments, to achieve synergy in group decision-making.