Recaps on The Horasis Global Meeting 2022- The Next Global Megatrend: Collaboration?

SERA is grateful to inform that the Panel on 19 May, 2022,
Horasis Global Meeting – “The Next Global Megatrend: Collaboration?” has ended successfully.

Tackling the world’s biggest challenges — from the next global pandemic, climate change, closing the digital divide: even to stifling an unjust invasion will take an “all hands-on deck” approach with players from all sectors working together.
Our Executive Director Ms Bonnie shed a light with other leaders on how can leaders from business, government and civil society work better together, and faster, to tackle problems.

There were few key leaders speaking in the panel:

• Trista Bridges, Principal and Co-founder, Read the Air, Japan

• Wook Lee, Founder and Chairman, W-Foundation, Korea

• Bonnie Liao, Executive Director, Social Enterprise Research Academy, Hong Kong SAR

• Bruce Muirhead, Chief Executive Officer, Mindhive, Australia

• Kunihiko Shimada, Chief Executive Officer, K S International Strategies, Japan

Chaired by
• Uwe Michel, Executive Vice President, Allianz, Germany

Listen to it now and get inspiration from other business leaders.🌎

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