Horasis Global Meeting 2021 – “Fostering Shared Humanity”

SERA is grateful to inform that the Panel on 8 June, 2021, Horasis Global Meeting – Fostering Shared Humanity, has ended successfully.

Ms. Bonne Liao, our Executive Director, has moderated the Panel with the topic of “Social Entrepreneurship: The Paradigm for a Better Tomorrow”, alongside 5 speakers sharing about how can social entrepreneurs across the world can initiate and extend the power of social entrepreneurship for a sustainable recovery in the interested of shared humanity.

There were 5 key leaders speaking in the panel:

• Michele Bonanno di Linguaglossa, Founder, impakter.com, United Kingdom

• Robin van Dalen, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Inuka Coaching, The Netherlands

• Maurice Healy, CEO, The Healy Group, Ireland

• Alan Lau, President, Anglo Euro Energi Indonesia, Indonesia

• Jeremy Nguyen-Phuong, Co-founder, Udentity, China

Watch the recap on YouTube (Click Here) now to learn more about how social entrepreneurs can help the society achieve a sustainable recovery from the pandemic!

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