Hong Kong Courier & Logistics Operator Association (HKCLOA) and Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power (HKRP) held the “Caring Employers Roundtable” meeting on May 27, 2021, and shared the needs of the six major industries in Hong Kong for the integration of human resources and technology for the disabled.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Jimmy Chiu, the industry consultant of SERA, Executive Director of HKRP and the Founding Chairman of Charm Net Company Limited, and the following guests shared with us their perspectives:

Mr. Yip Cham Kai, President of HKRP

Mr. Cheng Yeung Chun, Chief Supervisor of HKCLOA

Mr. Choi Wing Kei, Executive Vice Chairman of HKCLOA

Executive Director, Ms. Bonnie Liao, was also fortunate to be invited to share, hoping that through this meeting, Social Enterprise Research Academy and other organizations can provide more help to make society a barrier-free society.

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