Social Caring Scheme Review

Mar 2020

Coronavirus is raging in Hong Kong, and masks and disinfectants are hard to find. At this difficult time, the people of Hong Kong must help others to help themselves, keep striving for self-improvement, and work together to fight the epidemic!

In order to support the disadvantaged groups affected by the epidemic, the Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) will set up a platform to provide anti-epidemic information and publish the anti-epidemic trends of its members. SERA members can provide us with information on anti-epidemic materials and their ordering channels; at the same time, they can also donate materials to the affected vulnerable groups through the academy. Together with our mission of “Harness the Market to Bring Social Caring” , we will overcome difficulties together.

Our Fellow Mr. Andy Chan led his staff to distribute disease-prevention materials such as 100,000 surgical masks to the people in need.

And Mr. Law, who has been a enthusiastic philanthropist, has started a fundraising event to raise money and help more people in need.

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