Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) launched the 1st Belt & Road Leadership: Sustainable Development Summit on 31 Aug. As a common topic of the human world, sustainable development is the concept aiming at balancing environment protection and economic development. Building a green Belt & Road would be the common and long term interests among the Belt & Road countries. The summit was held at The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce. 

Being the organizer of the 1st Belt & Road Leadership: Sustainable Development Summit, SERA invited more than 200 political, business and academic leaders to join and discuss how to promote social caring, sense of environmental protection and local sustainable development in Belt & Road regions.  SERA was delighted to invite Honourable Mrs Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee, JP, Executive Council member and Legislative Councillor, Mr Ronny Tong Ka-wah, Senior Counsel, and Professor Edward Chen Kwan-yiu, former President of Lingnan University to be the guest speakers.


The 1st Belt & Road Leadership: Sustainable Development Summit

1st Belt & Road Leadership: Sustainable Development Summit covered issues:


Executive Council member Mrs. Ip Lau Suk-yee, JP, GBS: Opportunities of "One Belt, One Road" and Hong Kong


Senior Counselor Ronny TONG Ka-wah : The professional insight of HKSAR in "One Belt, One Road"


Former President of Lingnan University Professor Edward Chen Kwan-yiu GBS, CBE, JP: Sustainable development of the “Belt and Road”


"The Belt and Road Initiative" is an important bridge to promote people's livelihood and promote the sustainable development of countries and different regions. The policy has made many social enterprises and NGOs willing to implement charity and education work, which will make the countries along the route more harmonious."

The Executive Council member
Mrs. Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee JP,GBS

Mrs Ip said the 21st century maritime silk road could facilitate the business and cultural exchanges among the Belt & Road countries. She emphasized the Belt & Road idea was the bridge to connect the development among the countries. Such policies could allow social enterprises and NGOs to start charity and education works, bringing more peace among the countries.


"Hong Kong has unique advantages in all aspects, such as the density of financial institutions, legal support systems, regulatory mechanisms, etc., with the innate conditions, the chance must be well grasped."

Senior Counsel and Honorary Chancellor
Mr. Ronny Tong Ka-wah, SC

As the new Honorary Chancellor of SERA, Mr Tong analyzed how Belt & Road would shape Hong Kong from the legal perspective. He emphasized the unique advantage of Hong Kong, including the number of financial institutions, supporting legal framework and sophisticated supervision mechanism, etc. He reminded Hong Kong people should grasp the chance amid the right time and place for Hong Kong.


Former President of Lingnan University and Honorary Vice-Chancellor
Professor Edward Chen Kwan-yiu GBS, CBE, JP

Speaking in the session hosted by Professor Raymond Yeung Sheung Kit, President of Sun International Financial Group and Honorary Vice-Chancellor of SERA, Professor Chen simply highlighted the role of Belt & Road in economic development and international relations. He discussed how the US withdrawal of TPP could bring positive effects for China to implement policies related to Belt & Road. Also, Professor Chen pointed out the importance of a clear political management model when financing the policies related to Belt & Road. 

"The Belt and Road Initiative is not just economic integration, but is more about political cooperation."

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