Project Omamori is a socially engaged art project initiated by Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA), whereas social interaction is at some level the art, helping community work towards the common SDGs goal, raise awareness and encourage conversation around issues.
The Omamori has the logo feature of 【Social Caring Pledge Scheme】 which signify igniting social caring spirit to create a circular community.

To ignite social caring spirit to create a circular community, we are issuing 100 CARE❤MORI☮ NFTs; the first 50 NFTs will be given away for FREE, based on the following conditions:

Rule 1 :

Tag #seraasia #projectomamori on Ins/FB your most recent environmental or social contribution in 2022!

Rule 2 :

Nominating your friends to do the same, no karma 🙂 only LOVE!

Proceeds will be used for supporting Project Omamori to issue the next NFT and build a caring community!

How to Install a Crypto Wallet | OpenSea Beginner Tutorial
Social Enterprise Research Academy's "CARE❤OMAMORI" NFT was first exhibited at the ARTAVERSE Outdoor Art Exhibition (B04 Sustainability Centre) earlier in Central for 10 days.
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