45 prominent leaders exerted social responsibility to promote sustainable development

Earlier in  July, Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) hosted the ‘Fellowship & Honorary Award Presentation Ceremony 2019 and Project M.I. Kick-off Ceremony’ at Hong Kong Baptist University. Fellowship & Honorary Titles were awarded to 45 outstanding individuals from private sector, academia and civil society. 

This year, we were honored to have Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data Mr. Stephen Kai Yi Wong Barrister, Chairman of Board of Governors (Tsuen Wan) of HKAHF  Prof. Chiu Tsang Hok Wan BBS, JP, Chairman of Hin Sang Group (International) Holding Co., Ltd. and Former Chairman of Pok Oi Hospital Mr. Pang Siu Hin MH, President of International Association of Chinese Traders and Former Chairman of Yan Oi Tong Dr. Lo Tai Chin MH and Senior Spokesperson for the UN World Food Programme Herve Verhoosel as our guests of honor.

Mr. Stephen Kai Yi Wong Barrister, Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data draws the similarities between data governance and corporate social responsibility. He points out that


"The principles of data governance: respect, mutual beneficial and fairness, aligns with principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in creating shared value for customers and the society. "

Herve Verhoosel, Senior Spokesperson for the United Nations World Food Programme, believes that


“Social Protection, being a form of Social Caring, can effectively reduce and prevent poverty and eliminate inequality. It also supports human development, strengthening social cohesion and labor force, and stimulate economic growth."

Honorary Fellowship

Mr. Luigi Cabrini, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Global Sustainable Tourism Council.


“Sustainable Tourism generates economic and social benefits, but a badly managed tourism leads to the loss of local identity and values and gradually destroy natural resources through pollution and physical impacts. But on the other hand, tourism also brings benefits to the local communities. Therefore, we must strive to shift the balance toward the positive benefits that tourism can create for local communities, culture heritage and the environment, and to minimize its negative impacts."

Senior Fellowship

Ms. Leung Kam Ling Marita, Managing Director of MTA Garments Manufacturing Company Limited


“If corporate leaders can break away from the traditional mindset of development and profit-maximization, and make contributions to environmental protection, social justice, equality and economic development, we can make the necessary changes to foster a healthier society.”

Senior Fellowship


Vivian Kong Man Wai OLY, Hong Kong’s First World Number One Ranked Fencer.


“As an athlete, I am honored to represent Hong Kong to compete in fencing competitions worldwide. A lot of people are proud of my achievements. I find that very meaningful as it unites the people of Hong Kong. I wish students can find their passion and be able to pursue them.”

Fellowship (Partial)

Asian Social Caring Leadership Award

Representative of Mr. Chan Tin Yau,

Vice-President of L'hotel Nina et Convention Centre

Asian Social Caring Female Leadership Award

Liza Cheung

CEO of PS Group

Amy Chow,

Vice President of Gordon C & Co. Ltd.

Outstanding Social Caring Organization Award

Outstanding Social Caring SME Award

About SERA ‘Fellowship & Honorary Award Presentation Ceremony’

Through conferring the designation of SERA Fellowship, we acknowledge leaders who have profound contributions to the environment, economy and society. We encourage top-level management of companies to promote corporate social responsibility and the spirit of sustainability to promote Asia’s image of professionalism and dedication, enhancing Asia’s competitiveness in the global market.

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