Earlier in December, Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) held the 2018/2019 Fellowship & Honorary Award Presentation Ceremony at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Fellowship & Honorary Titles were awarded to 40 outstanding individuals from private sector, academia and civil society.

Mr. Eddie Ng Hak-kim GBS, JP, Former Secretary for Education and Professor Alfred Chan, Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission officiated at the ceremony. Social Enterprise Research Academy, through awarding fellowship and honorary titles, recognizes the contribution of distinguished individuals from all walks of life to environment, society and economy, and promotes the spirit of social care to the society.

Honorary Fellowship

Mr. John Montague, Managing Director of UK The Big Issue Group
Mr. Chang Mau-chung, President of National Chiao Tung University
Mr. Liu Liang, President of Macau University of Science and Technology

Fellowship (Partly)

Mr. Chu Tsz Wing,

President of VNSAA St. Hilary's School (KLN) and Fellow of SERA, expresses that


Youngsters should maintain their enthusiasm, persistence and views on society, understand what Hong Kong needs, and use the wisdom and creativity to solve social problems. We have to think about what talents the society needs after 30 years and hope to equip our youngsters with education.

Mr. Simon Yu,

President of Arrow Electronics (Asia-Pacific), expresses that


With the "ABC" management philosophy, the company hopes that employees can communicate (Articulate), establish the mutual trust (Bonding) and to create the best results (Create). Employees do have different abilities, but as long as they are aligned with the company's direction and put the right people in the right positions, we can achieve maximum benefits.

Mr. Sze Kwan Yik,

CEO and Founder of Persona Surgical Modelling Co., Limited, expresses that


By improving the standards of medical treatment through 3D printing technology, we can create accurate treatment and personalized treatment. Through the company's technology, we hope to make personalize products at a more affordable cost, and to improve the living quality for the elderly and also the disabled.

Outstanding Social Caring Organization Award

Asia Social Caring Female Leadership & Leadership Award

The inauguration of new board members was also held at the ceremony

Professor Eddie Ng Hak-kim, GBS, SBS

has officially appointed as Honorary Chancellor of SERA

MBA Associate Director of Outreach,

Dr. CHAN Fung Cheung Wilson,

has officially appointed as Vice Chancellor of SERA

About SERA Fellowship

Fellowship & Honorary Award Presentation Ceremony aims to select and commend outstanding individuals with profound social contribution and impact, to establish models in various industries, to encourage local talents, to enhance the awareness of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), and to motivate the community to nurture enterprises with corporate sustainability, driving the future development of Asia.

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