Mr. Michel Lowy – Chief Executive and Co-Founder of SC Lowy

Mr. Michel Lowy
Chief Executive and Co-Founder of SC Lowy

SC Lowy was founded by Mr. Lowy and his partners, Mr. Lowy tried to build comfort that funds donated are used most efficiently. As a small firm focused on Europe and emerging markets in Asia, SC Lowy was looking for an organization with expertise in these countries. Eventually, it has been involved with the Emerging Markets Foundation – EMpower.

Mr. Lowy thought that a charity or foundation should have clearly thought through the difference it wants to make, and how it will go about achieving that difference. It should have a plan for tracking whether its objectives are being met and a way to measure success. It then needs to repeat that evaluation process regularly, to see whether its goals need to be updated or changed.

In addition, the engagement should be meaningful to the firm and engage the staffs. Bonding between owner and staffs underwrite the foundation’s costs. For example, Mr. Lowy visited Empower-funded local organization and meet the program’s young beneficiates to witness first-hand how then giving is difference. Having a highly energized and involved leadership group in EMpower’s three translates into commitments of not just money, but also time and expertise. The result is quality throughout.

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