蔡冠深博士 – 新華集團主席


Sunwah Group was founded in 1957. At that time, China had just completed its first decade and the economies of Southeast Asia were beginning to awaken. Since then we have witnessed the dynamic emergence of China as a world leading economy and the impressive economic rise of the Asian region.

In many ways, the rapid expansion and success of Sunwah closely mirrors the rise of these economies. With its corporate headquarters in Hong Kong, Sunwah sits at the center of the world’s greatest economic opportunity, with China to the north and the vibrant Asian nations to the east, west and south. 

Sunwah has a reputation for vision and entrepreneurial spirit and, in 1982, when Dr Jonathan KS Choi became President of Sunwah, he continued to expand and diversify the business.

Today, Sunwah does business in seven principal areas: Seafood & Foodstuff, Real Estate, Financial Services, Technology, Infrastructure, Media and Education.  The Group’s activities extend deep into Mainland China as well as regionally to Japan, Macau, ASEAN countries and globally to North America, Europe and Australia.

Solid business performance, a clear corporate vision, strong internal synergies and responsible leadership have resulted in nearly 60 years of operational development, diversity and success, but that is only half of the Sunwah story.

Since the very beginning, Sunwah’s leaders have pursued a vision of using their personal and business success to have a positive influence on the world and have worked to ensure that some of the rewards from Sunwah’s success are returned to the communities they serve. 

The Group’s leading position in the heart of the world’s most dynamic region is providing a platform to make this vision a reality by the establishment of Sunwah Foundation and the Jonathan KS Choi Foundation. Apart from charitable work and social service projects, the Foundations focus on public service projects related to education, science and technology, arts and culture as well as in facilitating international exchanges. 

The latest international project of the Foundations is to start building and developing Jonathan KS Choi Cultural Centres in Vietnam, Japan, China, France, United Kingdom and Canada initially. These cultural Centres, with different strengths in creativity, China studies, fine arts and leadership, will be linked to promote understanding, appreciation and respect for the unique culture of each country to generate goodwill, paving the way to a harmonious world.

Dr Jonathan KS Choi, now Chairman of Sunwah Group, believes these kinds of initiatives are the key to future global prosperity and, ultimately, peace between nations.

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