Fellowship Title Levels








* Honorary

Life Fellowship

* Nominated by SERA only        # The titles presented by SERA are honorific, not academic certification.          # There is limited quota at all levels, exceed nominee must be renominated for the Fellowship title.


Bachelor’s degree holder or above, at least 3 years working experience after graduation; or
At least 5 years working experience, with at least 3 years senior management experience.


Founder or senior management of an outstanding company
Forward-looking influencer in the industry
Significant contributor to social welfare
Famous scholars 

Professionals with international awards

Professionals with qualifications

Judging Panel

All applications are submitted to the judging panel for selection. The judging panel consists of local professionals and representatives of SERA Committee. The judges are regulated by strict internal policy to avoid any conflict of interest, and to maintain the independence, transparency and credibility of the selection process.

The selection process is confidential and all information collected is for judging purpose only. Only partial information of selected applicants will be published after passing the selection process.

Judging Criteria

An influential leader in the industry, with a high-ranking position and outstanding performance.

Judging Scope: Community Positions or Titles / Personal Awards / Latest Positions in Company

Equipped with inspiring and professional knowledge relevant to the industry with social recognition.

Judging Scope: Education / Professional Qualification / Patent & Technological Innovation

Enthusiastic participation in social welfare, environmental and ecological protection, create social value and practice Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Judging Scope: Volunteer Work / Advisor or Honorary Positions / ESG Report Publications

Apply CSR management system effectively in the business. Promote and enhance industry professional developments.

Judging Scope: Company or Product Patent & Accreditation / Company Awards / Management System / Corporate Training

- Selection Process -


Nomination Process

  • Nominated by well-known professionals or representatives from chambers of commerce**
  • Nominated by organizer directly**
  • Self application (must recommended or referred by at least 2 people )

Once the nomination is accepted, please submit the application form with required documents.

  • Word document: Personal profile (around 500 words, in Chinese or English language. This will be used in Fellowship brochure or press release)
  • Image document: 1 Digital colored personal I.D. photo (Pixel Requirement: 300 dpi or above)
  • Video document: Personal / corporate profile (if any) 

**All nomination processes are conducted anonymously, and the selection process is confidential.

The Committee reserves the final decision on the suspension or cancellation of any judgment or announcement.


Review & Interview

  • Fellowship Qualification Review 
  • Interview with internal judges will be arranged by Executive Office on a case-by-case basis for further understanding of applicant’s background and achievement
  • Once the interview result and supporting documents are being verified, a confirmation will be issued to the selected candidates
  • To show the stringent and fairness of the Fellowship Qualification Assessment Procedure, related documents will be submitted to the 3rd Party Judge


Formal Appointment

All selected candidates should…

  • attend the Briefing session and course arranged by SERA
  • participate in Fellowship & Honorary Award Ceremony, accept the honorary title conferred and become SERA Fellow officially

Points to note: 

  • Application fee of SERA Fellowship Programme is waived, while selected candidates must share the administrative fee upon passing the interview with Internal judges;  Interview result and supporting documents will be submitted to the 3rd Party Judge, administrative fee is non-refundable once the 3rd Party Judge has confirmed for the result. For details, please contact with SERA Executive Office.
  • Honorary titles of SERA is not an academic qualification, it is a recognition of enrolled fellows’ achievements and social contributions.
  • To ensure the fairness and impartiality, candidate lodge an written application to appeal once for any dissatisfied judging result. Appeal fee is required.
  • SERA reserves all final rights of decision. Once the selected candidate accepts the nomination, he/she agrees to abide by the relevant rules and policies set by SERA.
  • SERA reserves the right to modify the relevant rules and policies at its absolute discretion. All information submitted by the applicant must be accurate and true. If there are any false information, SERA has the right to withdraw or revoke any confirmed or issued qualifications.