Anti-epidemic Support Trilogy Action

The COVID-19 epidemic in Hong Kong is repeated, and the vulnerable groups lack resources and need your support during the epidemic👍🏻

The Social Enterprise Research Academy will 💪🏻 fully *support the anti-epidemic support action of the Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power, Hong Kong Courier & Logistics Operator Association Limited and Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, LC-HKS*. Your support will benefit hundreds of thousands of families, and an anti-epidemic emergency kit will be delivered by *Hong Kong Express Freight Practitioners Association member volunteers*!

📌Target: Home quarantined people or needy residents of subdivided housing or disabled people. The first stage is for 100 families.

1️⃣The first step: Walking with Love, Fighting the Epidemic with One Heart

Raise the gesture of love, take a photo, and post it on social media

  • Instagram👉🏻You can use the Story function to “add your content” to our news, *Tag #seraasia* or
  • Facebook👉🏻 can post, *Tag #seraasia*

2️⃣Step 2: Anti-epidemic Heart-to-Heart

Anti-epidemic material donation/donation

  • We are now collecting anti-epidemic supplies such as: rapid test kits, vitamin C, cold and hot drink kits and related items (Whatsapp: 9406 9996)
  • Donate to the Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power, please indicate that it is “Anti-epidemic Together”) Donations of HKD100 or above can apply for a donation receipt.

SERA hereby appeals to all dear SERA fellows and friends to support with action, and to pass on your kind deeds and love by “giving money and strength”.

Note: For details, please refer to the Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power Poster

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