Why become a member?

The purpose of “Social Caring Pledge” is to harness enterprises towards social responsibility and care. A voluntary agreement made by practicing out corporate care and social responsibility, including to promote human rights, labour standards and forced labour, environmental protection and anti-corruption. We sincerely invite all organizations from different sectors to become members and promote corporate social responsibility to the public.

Participation qualification

Companies must be registered in Hong Kong for more than 3 years.

Companies should have no criminal record in the past 3 years.

Companies are willing to launch the pledge within their organization.

Companies invited to participate must send representatives to attend the ceremony.

Exclusive to members of "Social Caring Pledge"

Able to use the label of the “Social Caring Pledge” sticker and label it on the “Store.”
Receive a membership certificate of the “Social Caring Pledge Scheme” and hang on the company to affirm the company’s contribution to corporate social responsibility.

Shown on the website of the Social Enterprise Research Academy: www.seraasia.org and “Creator Magazine” www.creatormag.hk for gratitude.

Priority is given to employees to participate in activities organized by the Academy, including seminars, lectures and training courses.

Invited to a meeting with members of the Social Enterprise Research Academy Board of Directors (for senior management only).

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