The Scheme is endorsed by Nobel Laureate Professor Harald zur Hausen, who is also the Honorary Life Chancellor of SERA. We have successfully united more than 500 companies and leaders to participate in this voluntary agreement, so as to achieve the performance of sustainable development of the community.

“Social Caring Pledge”

The Social Caring Pledge is a voluntary agreement about harnessing enterprises towards social responsibility and care.

A promise to keep

The Social Enterprise Research Academy is the first professional organization in Asia to promote and develop the Social Caring Scheme. The Scheme is advised by the member of UN Global Compact, Mr. Gustavo Berlanga, who is also the Honorary Chairman of SERA, to develop six principles based on the UN Sustainable Development Goal (UNSDG).

Pledge 1:

We will undertake initiatives to promote environmental protection

Pledge 2:

We will eliminate the discrimination of employment and occupation

Pledge 3:

We will eliminate all forms of forced and compulsory labour

Pledge 4:

We will promote community involvement and development

Pledge 5:

We will work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery

Pledge 6:

We will provide quality, health and safety products and/or services to customers

The aim of the pledge

To amplify the impact bought by social innovation

To promote social awareness among corporates and individual

To sustain the confidence of social enterprises

The benefit of participation

Able to get a Certificate of Appreciation endorsed by Nobel Laureate Professor Harald zur Hausen, Honorary Life Chancellor of the Social Enterprise Research Academy

Able to use the “Social Caring Pledge” logo for one year
Able to get professional photos of the ceremony proceedings
Priority invitation to events like lectures, forums, summits

The trademark of enterprises would be published on the newspaper advertisement of the day to acknowledge the enterprises’ contributions on corporate social responsibility

The use of logo

The “Social Caring Pledge” must be renewed once a year

The “Social Caring Pledge” logo and sticker are owned by the Social Enterprise Research Academy.

Please read the pledge application method for details.

Code of Ethics

Enrolled enterprise is expected to:

Comply with the selected code of ethics/ agreement set out by the issuing body – Social Enterprise Research Academy; if the issuing body has reason to believe that enrolled enterprise has failed to comply with the code of ethics, or if any action is taken against such enterprise by legal party, the issuing body may suspend or terminate the “Social Caring Pledge” of the suspected enterprise. Where any of the above grounds of suspension or termination occurs, the enrolled enterprise concerned will be asked to return the stickers that were issued to it or the issuing bodies has the right to seize and confiscate the stickers as a result of the action taken.

Why become a member?

The purpose of “Social Caring Pledge” is to harness enterprises towards social responsibility and care. A voluntary agreement made by practicing out corporate care and social responsibility, including to promote human rights, labour standards and forced labour, environmental protection and anti-corruption. We sincerely invite all organizations from different sectors to become members and promote corporate social responsibility to the public.

Participation qualification

Companies must be registered in Hong Kong for more than 3 years.

Companies should have no criminal record in the past 3 years.

Companies are willing to launch the pledge within their organization.

Companies invited to participate must send representatives to attend the ceremony.

Exclusive to members of "Social Caring Pledge"

Able to use the label of the “Social Caring Pledge” sticker and label it on the “Store.”
Receive a membership certificate of the “Social Caring Pledge Scheme” and hang on the company to affirm the company’s contribution to corporate social responsibility.

Shown on the website of the Social Enterprise Research Academy: www.seraasia.org and “Creator Magazine” www.creatormag.hk for gratitude.

Priority is given to employees to participate in activities organized by the Academy, including seminars, lectures and training courses.

Invited to a meeting with members of the Social Enterprise Research Academy Board of Directors (for senior management only).



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