Social Caring Voice: Who’s Who @ Sustainability

Corporate sustainability has gained greater attention from the society. Through sustainable development management, the competitiveness of enterprises could be enhanced in economic, environmental and social aspects. Social Enterprise Research Academy would publish the “Social Caring Voice: Who’s Who @ Sustainability”. By gathering a number of successful cases of maintaining sustainable development in local industries, our publication will demonstrate how sustainable development is maintained in enterprises.

Purpose of Publication

  • Analyse the status quo of sustainable development in Hong Kong
  • Deepen the concept of corporate sustainability
  • Suggest programs for the enterprises to practise corporate sustainability
  • Listed as one of the reference books of courses in higher education institutions and become an important guide for students to learn corporate sustainability
  • Distributed and stored in libraries in educational or governmental institutions over the world

Compilation standard

  • Having credibility and positive impact in the industry
  • Having a vision or a goal of corporate sustainability
  • Improving the work and life of employees
  • Promoting corporate sustainability in economic, environmental and social aspects
  • Complying with ethical principles
  • Contributing to the society
  • Practising corporate sustainability


  1. All listed companies are not required to pay the list fee or admission fee
  2. The enterprise or its leadership has no record of any judicial sanctions in the past three years
  3. Do not accept companies with record of crimes or negative views

Covered content: four major parts


Case analysis

Detail introduction of the enterprise’s chairman, business, contribution to society, business strategies, recommendations, etc.


Elite leaders list

( Who’s who on Sustainability)

List of basic information of leaders who successfully fulfil corporate sustainability


Social Caring Businesses File

List of leaders and enterprises who were awarded the “Social Caring” Awards



Advertisement provided by the enterprise


Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA), originally named as Social Enterprise Research Institute (SERI), is a non-profit organization dedicated to the continual development, promotion and application of corporate citizenship principles, models and techniques in Asia. SERA is the first professional body in Asia to have developed the Social Caring Pledge Scheme for businesses that are committed to a voluntary set of ethical standards in the areas of social care and responsibility. Social Caring Pledge Scheme is endorsed by Nobel Laureate Professor Harald zur Hausen, who is the Honorary Life Chancellor of SERI. Details can be found at www.seraasia.org


Enhancing enterprise’s positive impact and gain social and peer recognition
Focusing on Hong Kong enterprises and allowing our next generation to learn about “corporate sustainability”
Having a wide distribution channels that would reach a variety of target readers
Conducive to students to build their social network
Distributing to foreign countries that would allow people all over the world to read the book

Distribution Network

The book would be included in the relevant curriculum bibliography of higher educational institutions.
The book would be available for sale in following locations (including but not limited to):
  • Major bookstores: including Joint Publishing, The Commercial Press, Chung Hwa Book, Cosmos Books, Popular Bookstore, Page One The Designer's Book Shop, etc. (approximately 100 bookstores)
  • Online bookstore: https://www.hkbookcity.com, cp1897.com, https://books.mingpao.com, etc.
  • Exported to mainland China, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and other Chinese cities
The book will be presented to:
  • Libraries of well-known institutions, e.g. Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fu Jen Catholic University, National University of Singapore, Universiti Malaya, National Taiwan University, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and The University of Hong Kong
  • Public libraries in Asia-Pacific region, e.g. China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia etc.
  • Business organisations
  • Government officials of Asian countries

Design of the Book

  • Made with hardcover and printed with colour
  • Size: 210 x 210mm
  • Number of copies: 1000-1500.


  • Invite political, business and academic elites to write recommendations for the book
  • Promoted on our official website and other related websites
  • Inviting Chambers of Commerce as support organizations to assist internal and external promotion
  • Invite universities to promote on campus
  • Push ads on social media (e.g Facebook, Instagram)
  • Arrange major media interviews and reports
  • Advertising in major newspapers and magazines
  • Hold a book launch and invite editors to attend



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