Fellowship Title Levels








Work /

Academic Experience

Master’s degree holder or above, at least 5-8 years working experience after graduation; or
At least 15 years working experience, including at least 10 years senior management experience; or
Qualified member who fulfilled the announced requirements and completed any advanced course designated by SERA


Founder / Chairperson / CEO / Executive Director / Board of Director / Senior Management / Well-Known Scholar / Holder of International Awardees

Judging Panel

All applications are submitted to the judging panel appointed by SERA for selection. The judging panel consists of local celebrities, representatives of educational institutions, and representatives of SERA. The selection process is confidential and all information collected is for judging purpose only. Only partial information of selected applicants will be published after the selection process.

Nomination System

Nominee information is required for self-declaration. The nominees could be (i) past winners of Social Caring Pledge Scheme; or (ii) chairpersons of chambers of commerce; or (iii) members of steering committee or patron of “Caring Company”; or (iv) qualified members of SERA; or (v) council members of SERA; or (vi) local celebrities; or (vii) representatives of higher education institutions; or (viii) management level of the company

Judging Criteria

An influential leader in the industry, with a high-ranking position and outstanding performance.

Enthusiastic participation in social welfare, environmental and ecological protection, and practice corporate citizenship.

Committed to promoting the development of the industry, enhancing professionalism of their team, and has been recognized by the industry, organization, or society for his/her outstanding achievements.
Equipped with professional knowledge relevant to the industry and practising CSR effectively.

- Selection Process -


1st Stage

Submit nomination or application form
  • It can be made by nomination or by self-application
  • Applicants are required to summit application form, personal resume, relevant supporting documents and 3 recent photos
  • Achievement Summary (English: 600-1000 words)
Committee will approve the list of shortlisted candidates after excluding unqualified applicants. The secretariat will issue a letter of confirmation to shortlisted candidates and arrange submission of required documents in order to enter the 2nd stage.

2nd Stage

Verification & Interview
  • Qualification Review (including discussion, review and voting, and submit final review report and results to SERA)
  • Interview with judging panel will be arranged on a case-by-case basis for further understanding of applicant’s background and achievement
  • A confirmation will be issued to elected fellows
  • Appeal for results is not accepted

3rd Stage

Fellowship & Honorary Award Ceremony
  • Participation in Fellowship & Honorary Award Ceremony
  • Accepting the honorary title
  • The honorary title can be used for all legal and professional purposes
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