Fellowship & Honorary Award Presentation Ceremony 2018

Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) held the “Fellowship & Honorary Award Presentation Ceremony” at Hall 1 of the Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong. The ceremony awarded Fellowship & other Honorary Awards to 43 distinguished professionals from business, academic and other sectors in the society. The ceremony was officiated by Prof. Wong Kwok Keung, GBS, SBS, JP, the Honorary President of the Social Enterprise Research Academy and Honorary Chancellor, Dr. Ma Kai Cheung, BBS, SBS. Social Enterprise Research Academy recognizes the contribution of outstanding people from all walks of life to the environment, society and the economy by awarding honorary qualifications. At the same time, it promotes the spirit of social care to the society.

This year, fellows are from different industries and sectors. Their contribution to corporate sustainability are recognized and they would continue to promote the spirit of corporate sustainability to benefit more people in need.

Centaline Property Agency Limited

from the Real Estate Industry

Chairman and CEO of Asia-Pacific

Mr. Addy Wong Wai Hung, MH mentioned:


"The housing problem is a hot issue in Hong Kong, which is rooted from the lack of land supply. As a member of the real estate sector, we have abundant information about real-estates. In the future, we will be more active in our daily contacts with our owners and developers. I hope that all sectors of the community can promote the development of social housing and help solve the problem of living at the grassroots level."

Moiselle International Holdings Limited

from the Retailing Industry

Founder of fashion brand Moiselle, Chairman and CEO

Dr. Boby Yum-kit Chan mentioned:


“ The service industry is one of the major industries in Hong Kong. We hope to train more practitioners in this industry, enhance their skills and quality, provide them with opportunities to share their experience and nurture more talents for the retailing industry."

Shunten International (Holdings) Limited

(Formerly called as RM Group Holdings Limited)

CEO and Chairman

Mr. Mark Chan Yan Tak mentioned:


“ Hong Kong people have a busy lifestyle and most don't put health as their top priority. Through our enterprise, we hope to raise their awareness on health and encourage them to develop a healthy lifestyle.”

The Global Group

Founder and Chairman

Dr. Johnny Sei-Hoe Han hoped that:


"The operation mode of charitable funds is effective in Hong Kong and beneficial to the public. I hope that the model can be replicated and implemented in the Mainland in the near future. I am confident that we can encourage more charities and volunteers in the community to participate in the model, and helping more and more people in the society."

Senior Fellowship (partial)

Fellowship (partial)

Outstanding Social Caring

Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Award

Outstanding Social Caring

Organization Award

Outstanding Social Caring

Organization of the Year Award

About SERA Fellowship

Fellowship & Honorary Award Presentation Ceremony aims to select and commend outstanding individuals with profound social contribution and impact, to establish models in various industries, to encourage local talents, to enhance the awareness of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), and to motivate the community to nurture enterprises with corporate sustainability, driving the future development of Asia.

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