Message from Honorary Life Chancellor


Share common values and future, and we make our society a sustainable one.

Professor Harald zur Hausen

2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (Cervical Cancer)

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Being a virologist and cancer researcher, together with the delighted corporation of my two researching buddies, Professor John H.C. Ho and Dr. Dolly Huang, the past decades of researching experiences on cancer have taught us the interactions of nasopharyngeal cancers with Epstein-Barr virus acting as most important risk factor in this malignancy. We also learnt that air pollution and water pollution are becoming major reasons of most cancer diseases occurrences on human bodies in recent years. Nevertheless, it is not hard to find news reporting issues of the emancipation of by-products and cancer-inducing chemicals by corporates and factories. Which makes me reflect about the importance of social caring and responsibility of corporates and industrial leaders. By this, I cannot concur more with The Social Caring Pledge’s Six Principles established by the United Nations(UNPRI) “We will undertake initiatives to promote environmental protection”, happening to be one of the Pledge of UNPRI, the sentence has given me food for thoughts on the importance of Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Social Enterprise Research Academy(SERA) is a non-profit making organization based in Hong Kong. It promotes the development of social care, social innovation and social research in Asia through strategic partnership with all the stakeholders in Asia. With the establishment of SERA in promoting social caring and responsibility. I genuinely hope that more and more organizations would share the same values to sustain the long-term growth of our society and make the society a better place.

Message from Honorary Chairman


We live in a place where things coexist with each other, compete with each other, yet do not necessarily promote sustainability of each other.

Gustavo Pérez Berlanga

Honorary Chairman
Social Enterprise Research Academy

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At the United Nations Global Compact, we are dedicated to promoting corporate sustainability on a global scale. Achievements have been made in the key areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. The 10 Principles of the Global Compact, which are derived from the key areas, serve as a blueprint for business to embrace sustainability. Currently, the Global Compact has over 12,000 signatories in over 160 countries, from both developing and developed countries. These signatories represent nearly every sector and size. Our effort has been extended to further collaboration with Asia’s partners. The Social Caring Pledge Scheme, introduced by the Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) is one of our key collaborations enlightening the long journey of advocating sustainability and the 10 Principles of the Global Compact through taking a leap forward to a better society.

We, the SERA are here in the midst of business evolution, serving as a liaison for making things happen, building trust with potential partners who decide to shoulder social responsibility with us, and maneuvering visions of a better world with our most sincere effort.

Message from Executive Chancellor


In the spirit of Social Enterprise Research Academy, we will work with enterprises from all sectors to make contributions to sustainable development.

Dr. Pei Chen Chi Kuen, Delia


Executive Chancellor
Social Enterprise Research Academy

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Over the past two years, Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) hosted a number of events. Through a variety of platforms, SERA promoted corporate sustainable development and raised awareness on corporate social responsibility. We are gradually seeing the results of our hard work and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone’s support to SERA and awareness on corporate social responsibility.

“Corporate Environmental Protection” has always been an important element of corporate governance. Therefore, we hosted the “Green Economic Forum” in 2016 to provide insights on Green market in China and Low-Carbon Economy, and encouraging the practice of corporate social responsibility. Later on, our “Future Leadership Summit” not only discussed important topics on corporate development: Environmental, Social and Governance, but we have the honor to invite Nobel Laureate Prof. Akira Suzuki to share his thoughts on environmental protection.

“Corporate Sustainable Development” is a topic that companies have great attention on. In September 2016, SERA hosted the “Sustainable Development Summit.” We invited corporations from different sectors to sign the “Social Caring Pledge” to encourage corporations to combine elements of social care into their business. Moreover, we hosted the “Responsible Investment Forum” in February 2017 to encourage individuals and corporate investors to incorporate sustainable investment, investor responsibility and social investment into their decision-making process.

SERA hosted two “Belt and Road Leadership Series” Summits, providing a platform for professionals who are interested in the “Belt and Road Initiative.” The summits are focused on how to promote sustainable development in the area. SERA has been promoting corporate social responsibility, sustainable development and social care etc. over the past 2 years. In the spirit of SERA, we will continue to work with enterprises from all sectors to make contributions to sustainable development.

Message from Executive Director


Gathering the voice of social care to promote corporate social responsibility.

Bonnie Liao

Executive Director
Social Research Research Academy

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Since the establishment of Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA), we have continuously opened up a range of platforms to promote sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and social care. Our platforms allow social enterprises to share their stories in promoting social care to the public. We would like to take this opportunity to express our greatest thanks to those who have given their support to SERA which has allowed us to further our work in promoting corporate social responsibility.

“Creator Magazine" is one of the many important platforms SERA created. The first issue featured an interview with the Former Secretary for Food and Health Dr. Ko Wing Man GBS, JP. He shared his views on governing philosophy, Hong Kong’s medical reform and corporate social responsibility. The magazine also acts as a platform in providing readers with up-to-date social and market information while able to follow topics of corporate social responsibility, social care and sustainable development.

Furthermore, to better demonstrate how corporate social responsibility is practiced, SERA rolled out “Social Caring Voice," a platform that gathers case studies on how corporate social responsibility is practiced. The platform is widely supported by companies and corporate leaders, and has fueled new energy in our work to promote corporate social responsibility. In 2017, we partnered with Philips Lighting Hong Kong and World Green Organization (WGO) and co-organized the “Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Programme.” Together, we promoted corporate social responsibility and raise awareness on environmental protection. This event is also fully supported by the “Father of Blu-ray” Professor Nakamura Shuji.

Looking ahead, SERA will continue to establish more platforms to promote corporate social responsibility and to gather and share more stories.

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