Harness the Market to Bring Social Caring

With the motto of “Harness the Market to Bring Social Caring”, Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) has been dedicated to create a cross-sectoral platform hand in hand with business, academic, social and political sectors, to facilitate communication and cooperation among policy-makers, corporate leaders, educators and non-profit bodies, with the aim to bring social caring.

SERA dedicates to the continual development, promotion and application of corporate citizenship principles, models and techniques in Asia, to broaden the international perspective of industry leaders and give back to our society.


Focus on Social Development Issues


Promote a Social Caring Culture In Corporations


Improve Corporate Governance policies and apply Socially Responsible Management Systems


Initiate Corporate Leaders to Share the Concept of Sustainable Development


  • Conduct research on social enterprises and CSR theory and practice.
  • Cultivate future business leaders and young professionals to contribute expertise to the growing of social ventures and socially responsible corporates.
  • Construct a platform with the community and corporates in the promotion Hong Kong’s social entrepreneurship culture.


  • Develop strategic cooperation with first-class scholars, researchers and institutions to become a social enterprise knowledge hub.
  • Be a platform for cooperation, particularly for students, corporates and investment institutions to participate in CSR, social enterprise and industrial investment projects.
  • Cooperate with media to promote social entrepreneurship and CSR.

Supporting Organization

UN Global Compact

Former NY Member of the Global Compact Board

Mr. Gustavo Berlanga

Support UNPRI

SERA is proud to be a services provider of Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since August 2015. The PRI provides the Principles to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into mainstream investment decision – making and ownership. Signatories to the PRI demonstrate that investment managers are committed to investing responsibility.

PRI signatories must accept a series of six principles, including the report on the ESG activities and progress towards implementing the Principles. SERA is committed to supporting investors and asset managers with a robust suite of solutions.

The Six Principles

  • We promote acceptance and implementation of the PRI Principles within the investment industry.
  • We provide customized, step-by-step approach to implementing the PRI Principles.
  • We assist institutional investors in establishing measures for ESG reporting.
  • We work together with academic institutions in the development of more robust ESG research.
  • We develop the platform for the RPI network activities and events.
  • We provide training and development for the ESG programs and implementation.

Previous Supporting Organizations

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