保良局林文燦英文小學 Po Leung Kuk Lam Man Chan English Primary School (LMC)

Po Leung Kuk Lam Man Chan English Primary School (LMC) is a whole day DSS co-educational English primary school. We have 24 classes in total and our students are from 24 countries in the five continents around the world. We provide world-class education emphasizes in Language, Moral and Control (LMC). We successfully created a second home with a worldwide vision for our students with students from different cultural background

There is an inspirational quote by Albert Einstein about the value of education, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Our School believes that every person possess untapped potential in all areas of human endeavor. We are dedicated to adopt the Invitational Education approach to develop a positive school, work and home environments as well as opposed to those forces that demean and defeat human potential by creating climates intentionally based on trust, respect, optimism, and care. We hope our positive value can influence our community and the world.

Our unique caring and loving environment is highly recognized. We received Caring School Award in Hong Kong for eight consecutive years since the first year we applied in 2010. We also won the Inviting School Award from International Alliance for Invitation Education, a non-profit organization which was found by educators and education professionals from around the world.

Indubitably, our School is devoted to nurture our next generation to use their skills and talents to support the society growth. We equip students from all over the world with the skills of foundational literacies, competencies and character qualities to cope with the needs in the 21st century; by achieving the skills, students can have a chance to move upward in the society and contribute to the development of society and the country.

To carry forward the Po Leung Spirit, which includes Mutual Respect, United Effort, Benevolence, Charitable, Gratefulness and Recognition, Dedication to Serving the Community, our School has provided students many opportunities to participate in the following events in the past:

  1. Holding a BBQ Day for Young and Old, which is sponsored by the movie director, Mr. Teddy CHAN (陳德森), and the directors of Po Leung Kuk, Mr. Bon NG, Dr. Jay KAY and Dr. Alson WONG. Our students served over 80 elderlies from Banyan Elderly Services Association in 2013.
  2. Acting in the Charity Hong Kong movie “錯過” which is about parental education and the relationship of two generations in 2014.
  3. Reserving the whole theatre to support the movie “五個小孩的校長(Little Big Master)” which is based on the true story a former headmistress of a kindergarten who took up a job with a monthly salary of HK$4,500 to continue educating the five remaining pupils single-handedly in Yuen Long in 2015.

To learn more about our School, please visit: www.plklmceps.edu.hk

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