Nan Fung Group is built upon our founder Dr Chen Din Hwa’s philosophy: “ Caring for others as you would care for yourself ” “ Hope for the best and prepare for the worst ”

Our four core values “Quality, Value, Innovation and Service” always guide us in our business activities. Continuous thinking and learning culture keep us abreast of the new trends and development opportunities. We uphold four core values which are Quality, Value, Innovation, Service:

Quality: Adhering to the highest standards of quality in planning, design, development, construction and management with no compromise.

Value: Investing on the creation of significant value and satisfaction for our customers, business partners and stakeholders.

Innovation: Embracing new ideas, concepts, techniques and technology to enhance efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness in the ever-changing environment.

Service: Delivering superior service when conducting business that extends beyond the delivery of our products, and to create socially significant value that brings satisfaction and a brighter, happier future for our customers and society.

“Safety First” is the utmost important policy of Bordon and Chun Yip. We commit that all operations are executed at all times in a way to ensure high safety, health, welfare and environment standards for all our employees as well as our subcontractors. Our companies shall fully comply with the Factories and Industrial Undertaking Ordinance, Construction Sites Safety Regulations, Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance and any other relevant legislation or regulations of which may from time to time to be introduced. A weekly Construction Safety Report is sent to senior management to report any accident for individual site including Labor Department inspection records etc. We provide comprehensive trainings for all site workers (including sub-contractor workers) before commencement of work. Our site management fully support the site safety management system and monitor overall health and safety performance.

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