Share common values and future, and we make our society a sustainable one.

Professor Harald zur Hausen

2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (Cervical Cancer)

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Being a virologist and cancer researcher, together with the delighted corporation of my two researching buddies, Professor John H.C. Ho and Dr. Dolly Huang, the past decades of researching experiences on cancer have taught us the interactions of nasopharyngeal cancers with Epstein-Barr virus acting as most important risk factor in this malignancy. We also learnt that air pollution and water pollution are becoming major reasons of most cancer diseases occurrences on human bodies in recent years. Nevertheless, it is not hard to find news reporting issues of the emancipation of by-products and cancer-inducing chemicals by corporates and factories. Which makes me reflect about the importance of social caring and responsibility of corporates and industrial leaders. By this, I cannot concur more with The Social Caring Pledge’s Six Principles established by the United Nations(UNPRI) “We will undertake initiatives to promote environmental protection”, happening to be one of the Pledge of UNPRI, the sentence has given me food for thoughts on the importance of Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Social Enterprise Research Academy(SERA) is a non-profit making organization based in Hong Kong. It promotes the development of social care, social innovation and social research in Asia through strategic partnership with all the stakeholders in Asia. With the establishment of SERA in promoting social caring and responsibility. I genuinely hope that more and more organizations would share the same values to sustain the long-term growth of our society and make the society a better place.



We live in a place where things coexist with each other, compete with each other, yet do not necessarily promote sustainability of each other.

Gustavo Pérez Berlanga

Honorary Chairman
Social Enterprise Research Academy

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At the United Nations Global Compact, we are dedicated to promoting corporate sustainability on a global scale. Achievements have been made in the key areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption. The 10 Principles of the Global Compact, which are derived from the key areas, serve as a blueprint for business to embrace sustainability. Currently, the Global Compact has over 12,000 signatories in over 160 countries, from both developing and developed countries. These signatories represent nearly every sector and size. Our effort has been extended to further collaboration with Asia’s partners. The Social Caring Pledge Scheme, introduced by the Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) is one of our key collaborations enlightening the long journey of advocating sustainability and the 10 Principles of the Global Compact through taking a leap forward to a better society.

We, the SERA are here in the midst of business evolution, serving as a liaison for making things happen, building trust with potential partners who decide to shoulder social responsibility with us, and maneuvering visions of a better world with our most sincere effort.






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『企業環保』一直是企業管治中不可忽視的重要一環,2016年的「良心企業與綠色經濟論壇」為企業提供低碳經濟及關於中國綠色市場發展的最新動向,鼓勵將企業社會責任與業務相連。其後的「未來領袖峰會」除了探討對全球企業發展的重要議題–「環境( Environmental)、社會( Social)、企業管治(Governance)」外,亦邀請了諾貝爾得獎學者鈴木章教授分享其對環境保護的見解,令各界領袖更深入瞭解企業在環境保護方面所扮演的角色及重要性。







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《Creator 愛.創意》是本院其中一個企業社會責任的重要倡議平臺。本創刊號專訪前食物及衛生局局長高永文醫生,分享其對管治理念、香港醫療改革,以及對企業社會責任的看法。《Creator愛.創意》亦為領袖、創新、社會責任及品牌形象等社會熱話提供平臺, 讓讀者在關注企業社會責任,社會關愛,以及可持續發展資訊的同時,緊貼社會及市場的發展。

此外,為了讓大眾進一步了解企業社會責任的實踐,本院亦推出「社會關愛之聲 Social Caring Voice」,收集企業履行企業社會責任的點滴。平臺至今獲得不少企業及領袖支持,他們的分享為我們推行企業社會責任的工作注入新的動力。在2017年,本院響應環保署的慳電膽回收計劃,並聯同飛利浦照明香港,以及WGO世界綠色組織舉辦名為「光·膽「雙」照電燈膽回收大行動」,共同推行企業社會責任,呼籲企業關注環保,此活動更獲得諾貝爾獎物理學獎得主中村修二教授全力支持。

在未來的日子,社會企業研究院將繼續身體力行, 開拓更多元化的企業社會責任倡議平臺, 促進社會關愛之聲的傳達,為實踐企業社會責任聚集及分享更多的故事。

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