A Pledge to Indicate Your Caring Initiatives

Signing the Pledge allows you and your organization to demonstrate its commitment to Social Caring publicly, and places it at the heart of a global community seeking to build a more sustainable community development.

Participants will be awarded the Signatory logo and E-Certificate for 12 months.

The Social Caring Pledge (SCP)  Framework 6 principles

Pledge 1
We will undertake initiatives to promote environmental protection
Pledge 2
We will eliminate the discrimination of employment and occupation
Pledge 3
We will eliminate all forms of forced and compulsory labour
Pledge 4
We will promote community involvement and development
Pledge 5
We will work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery
Pledge 6
We will provide quality, health and safety products and/or services to customers

Become a Signatory, is a pledge to indicate your initiative to commit upon the 6 Principles voluntary agreement based on UN Sustainable Development Goals which aims to recognize corporate and individuals that have put the following statements into practice.

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Organizations/ Individuals can become a signatory if they fall under these categories:
Offer products or services that demonstrate a commitment to providing, developing, and promoting services that support the implementation of the 6 principles.
No criminal record over the past 3 years
Willingness to launch the pledge within their own organizations
Minimum Level of 1 community offer
Interested organizations and individuals should apply for the Signatory Program here:

Please take 15 minutes filling out the Profile to enable the public to learn more about your dreams and achievements.

Use of  Logo

The “Signatory” logo together with the “Signatory” E-certificate are the property of Social Enterprise Research Academy.

Any use of the Signatory Logo that does not comply with our code of ethics is not authorized. If the participant violates the code of ethics, they must cease all use of all the Signatory Logo, regardless of the uses otherwise allowed. In addition, SERA reserves the right to revoke its approval of the Participate’ use of the Signatory Logo at any time.

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